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We are family owned and operated

“The one place you can enjoy a delicious meal while having great prices” – that’s the family motto followed by Heisey’s Diner. Carl Heisey decided to create a family-owned diner, which was one of his dreams as a young child.

Best Local Diner
The diner is still family-owned and is going strong even after the economic hardships that have affected us all. The current owner, Gary Heisey, plans on continuing the traditions which make Heisey’s Diner such a special place for so many customers. An All American diner with classic diner food recipes, Heisy’s Diner is a quality local diner and family restaurant that offer s home-cooked food for affordable prices.

Our Menu Features

Sandwiches – Burgers – Steak – Seafood – Chicken – Pork & Veal


Heisey’s Diner offers:


  • Bar

  • Patio

  • Banquet Facilities

  • Catering Services


Reserve excellent catering at competitive prices from Heisey's Diner today. Just fill out the form below to get a variety of meats, burgers, sandwiches, and vegetarian options for your event. Our catering is bound to impress all your guests!

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